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    General Questions
    Do i really need an immobiliser?

    As vendors of security products, we wholeheartedly endorse our services. However, it’s important to note that there has been a rise in thefts along the coast, particularly targeting Range Rovers and Land Rovers, as these vehicles are often easy targets for criminals. While the UK has historically seen more vehicle thefts, Spain is rapidly catching up. With the increasing availability of technology, relay attacks are becoming more prevalent among thieves.

    What Areas Do You Cover?

    We are based in La Linea however we cover the whole Costa Del Sol

    How Long Will It Take To Fit?

    It’s dependant on the vehicle, however, most cars take two to three hours, Pandora systems will take longer.

    Is it possible for a thief to uninstall the immobiliser?

    This innovative technology is not widely found in Spain. Removing the immobiliser would require the removal of a substantial portion of the dashboard which would take a long time.

    If I forget my code what happens?

    Every installation is provided with a reset card, the pin reset is covered by a scratch off which only you will know.

    What happens if someone does gain access to my vehicle?

    The way an immobiliser safeguards your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you own. It might either prevent the engine from starting or allow the vehicle to start but inhibit gear selection. This approach can effectively perplex and deter a potential thief.

    What happens when my vehicle needs to be serviced?

    The immobiliser can be temporarily deactivated using the valet mode. We provide various modes to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

    Can the immobiliser be removed?

    Our immobilisers can be removed without leaving any trace of their installation, which is useful if you plan to sell your vehicle or transfer it to another person.

    Other Information
    Residing in a gated community, do I still face a risk of theft?

    Absolutely, it’s a bit of a paradox. Gated communities are wonderful and secure environments, but you wouldn’t typically question a vehicle starting in the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, this is the prime time for thieves to carry out their activities.

    Is it possible for thieves to bypass my electronic gate?

    Yes, and it’s a relatively simple task to accomplish. All a criminal needs to do is wait for someone to access the gate and then clone the signal.

    Do relay attacks exclusively occur at home?

    Certainly not, relay attacks can occur at any time and in any location. Relay attack devices are becoming more powerful, with some models having a range of over 100 meters. This means that while you’re inside your favorite restaurant, thieves could be scanning for your key frequency to relay it to someone near your vehicle, making it susceptible to theft in a matter of seconds.

    Would installing a immobiliser lower my insurance premium?

    In most instances, yes! We are in close collaboration with insurance companies along the Costa del Sol to lower insurance premiums when our immobilisers are installed.

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