Segurança máxima do veículo Com um PIN indecifrável, impeça os ladrões de roubarem o seu carro hoje mesmo.
CanBus Immobilisers

Ultimate Protection From Relay Attacks

Protects Against Relay Attacks with Advanced Immobilisers
Blocks Key Cloning
Pin Based Security Using Your Vehicle Buttons
Ultimate Protection

Engine Start Blocking

Ensures your vehicle cannot be started unless the user inputs the personalized PIN they have generated. This safeguard remains in effect even if the individual possesses the physical keys, offering comprehensive protection against various theft methods, including key theft, keyless entry, and key cloning.

Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
Ultimate Vehicle Security With an uncrackable PIN, stop thieves from stealing your car today. Pandora Alarm Installers
Pin Based Protection

Undetectable Protection

Our Immobilisers are the most comprehensive vehicle security system available today. What’s more, it boasts exceptional user-friendliness

After just a couple of drives, you’ll become completely accustomed to your new Immobiliser, seamlessly integrating it into your vehicle startup routine. It becomes just another part of the process, but with the invaluable addition of enhanced security and complete peace of mind!

Your unique PIN, easy to remember, poses a mathematical enigma too formidable for any would-be thief to crack.

See Our Immobilisers in Action: A Quick Guide!

Ultimate Vehicle Security With an uncrackable PIN, stop thieves from stealing your car today. Pandora Alarm Installers

How vehicles are stolen

How Vehicles Are Stolen? - Protect Your Vehicle in 2024

Relay Attacks

Fastest way to steal your vehicle
Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
Key Theft
Force of entry into your home
Keyless car theft, also known as "relay theft," is a modern method of stealing cars without needing the physical key. Thieves use electronic devices to capture the signal from a keyless entry car's fob, often from outside the victim's home, and then transfer that signal to another device near the car. This tricks the car into thinking the key is nearby, allowing the thieves to unlock and start the vehicle. This technique can be executed quickly and silently, making it a growing concern for owners of keyless entry vehicles.

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