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The primary method of vehicle theft involves the acquisition of the vehicle’s keys. This often occurs through unauthorized entry into homes to access and steal the keys. Additionally, key theft can happen in public places, such as when keys are left unattended or are easily accessible to thieves.


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Keyless car theft, also known as “relay theft,” is a modern method of stealing cars without needing the physical key. Thieves use electronic devices to capture the signal from a keyless entry car’s fob, often from outside the victim’s home, and then transfer that signal to another device near the car. This tricks the car into thinking the key is nearby, allowing the thieves to unlock and start the vehicle. This technique can be executed quickly and silently, making it a growing concern for owners of keyless entry vehicles.

How Vehicles Are Stolen? - Protect Your Vehicle in 2024
Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
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Imagine this scenario: you’ve put your vehicle up for sale and arrange to meet potential buyers. While you’re engaged in conversation with one of the interested parties, the other person, seemingly just another viewer, is discreetly programming a duplicate key for your car. This covert activity goes unnoticed, and after the meeting, these individuals now have the means to return at their leisure, possibly at a later time or date, to steal your vehicle.

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Range Rovers are highly targeted by thieves and can be stolen in under a minute. This vulnerability is largely attributed to the positioning of the vehicle’s internal wiring. Thieves often cut through the rear door to reach these cables. Once they have access and cut the appropriate wires, they can unlock the vehicle. Following this, they utilize the emergency start feature, a standard component in all Range Rovers, to start the vehicle and drive away.

Thieves are increasingly targeting brands like Toyota and Lexus, among others, by exploiting a specific vulnerability in the headlight ECU. By removing a few screws within the wheel arch, they can slightly pull away the bumper, gaining access to the headlights. This technique allows them to bypass the vehicle’s security systems effectively.

Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
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The most alarming type of theft often occurs when you least expect it and involves forceful methods. However, with the Pandora range of alarms, you can significantly reduce the risk of permanently losing your vehicle. These alarms are designed to continuously monitor for specific tags. If these tags are not detected, the system activates an immobilisation feature, safely bringing the vehicle to a stop within 30-60 seconds. This ensures minimal risk to you, as it allows for a safe distance between you and the thieves, reducing the chance of any harm.

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How Vehicles Are Stolen? - Protect Your Vehicle in 2024


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