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Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

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Camper Pro Features
The Pandora CAMPER PRO is a premium security system developed for big caravans and motorhomes. Thanks to the connection to the vehicle’s data bus and up to five wireless sensors, it provides perfect security not only for the driver, but also for the living space itself. The system has a special mode of protection against intrusion by an unauthorized person (“STAY HOME”) mode during the stay of the crew inside the vehicle.
The new generation of a well-known security system for recreation vehicles. Based on a most modern platform it is a technological leader on the car security market. In addition to a ultra high-speed 4G GSM modem which is necessary for a constant connection of the motorhome owner and the vehicle it is equipped with the 868 MHz transceiver with LoRa modulation. This technology provides reliable connection in places without mobile network coverage. Ergonomic remote control with a large OLED display works at a distance up to 2 km, even in large cities with radio interference. System is equipped with a full set of necessary wireless sensors and accessories for reliable protection and comfortable use of your motorhome.


Camper Pro v.2 is made to keep your safe 24/7 even when you are sleeping inside your recreation vehicle. For a nighttime it has a special “Stay Home” mode, which allows you to move free inside, while outside perimeter is reliably protected. Special inputs and outputs allow to enlarge security level by adding some camper-specific sensors, like detectors of Propane, CO2 or sleeping gas. Silent arming will not disturb your neighbors.


The special internet-service, mobile application Pandora Connect for smartphones (Apple, Android) and smartwatches (Apple watch, Android Wear, Samsung Gear S2/S3) allow you to combine your vehicle and your gadgets into one platform. You can configure and control all of your vehicles with the multifunctional Pandora application and Internet-service Depending of the triggered alarm zone, Pandora Connect will show you different warning messages for doors, windows, hatches, trunks, bicycles, gas sensors, etc.


We have doubled the protection for doors/windows/hatches with our new wireless sensor. Traditional magnetic contact sensors are not able to protect ajar covers, they recognize only open/close state. DMS-100 BT sensor also has an in-built digital accelerometer inside, so it will recognize all attempts to open the window, even if it’s left open for the ventilation. Modern communication technology based on the Bluetooth protocol significantly reduces power consumption and allows to identify the triggered zone.


A built-in GSM interface expands a zone where you can control the system and receive alarm and service notifications to the cellular network coverage area. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. Enable SMS and voice notifications and the system will notify you in case of any alarm events.


A new remote control D-043 has a modern multichannel jam-resistant 868 MHz radio link with the LoRa modulation. This provides a reliable connection at a very long range and allows you to monitor car state at a record distance in a very noisy environment.


This miniature device is used to implement automatic Hands Free function with adjustable operating distance, immobiliser and Anti-Hi-Jack functions.


Due to an integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver, you can always get information about your car location and tracks, history of geo-referenced events.


In case of a car accident, the system will automatically detect it and send notifications to emergency services and owner’s close ones. All notifications are supplemented with car current coordinates and web links to online map services.


The system allows you to remotely start and stop the engine or to set automatic engine start by different parameters (by time, voltage or temperature). The system performs a reliable control over the engine operating parameters and your vehicle status. Our modern technologies allows the system to bypass or clone an original key of a car to implement safe engine start.


The system provides the most flexible and convenient algorithms to control original or additional engine heaters.


An integrated 3D accelerometer and elaborate algorithms allows the system to control the vehicle shock/tilt/motion security zones and perform engine blocking on movement starting. New high sensitive and reliable accelerometer provides smart protection and prevents false alarms.


Due to the most modern algorithmic solutions, the latest electronic components, the system works correctly on all current car models and meets the requirements of car manufacturers.


BLUETOOTH 5.0 protocol supports a mobile phone and all our additional Bluetooth devices.


Protection in the event of door, hood and trunk being breached
Vehicle theft protection
Jammer protection
ECU replacement protection
Ignition switch replacement protection
Key duplicate protection
Vehicle accident detection
Remote control reader protection
Protection when attempting to tow the vehicle
Protection against attempted wheel theft
Collision detection in the parking lot
Protection when disconnecting the accumulator (siren with backup source)
Protection against glass breakage and interior damage **


Immobiliser tag
2-way remote control with display
Factory remote control
Bluetooth mobile app
Online mobile app
Web interface
GSM communication


Remote start*
Independent heating
Fuel status display
Battery status display
Engine temperature display
Interior temperature display

Características avanzadasPandora Camper Pro

Protección contra ataques de retransmisión

Los ataques de retransmisión a vehículos implican que los ladrones utilizan dispositivos electrónicos para interceptar y transmitir señales de controles remotos de entrada sin llave para desbloquear y arrancar automóviles sin la llave física.

Protección contra robo de llaves

El robo de llaves de vehículos implica robar o duplicar las llaves de un automóvil para acceder ilegalmente y robar el vehículo.

Protección de clonación de claves

La clonación de llaves en vehículos es la duplicación no autorizada de la señal de la llave de un automóvil, a menudo utilizando dispositivos sofisticados, para obtener acceso y potencialmente robar el vehículo sin la llave original.

Detección de movimiento/choque

La protección contra movimiento/choque es una característica de los sistemas avanzados de alarma para automóviles que detecta y responde a cualquier movimiento no autorizado o impacto en el vehículo, activando una alerta o alarma para disuadir robos o vandalismo.


Camper Pro v.2 is made to keep your safe 24/7 even when you are sleeping inside your recreation vehicle. For a nighttime it has a special “Stay Home” mode, which allows you to move free inside, while outside perimeter is reliably protected. Special inputs and outputs allow to enlarge security level by adding some camper-specific sensors, like detectors of Propane, CO2 or sleeping gas. Silent arming will not disturb your neighbors.

Inicio remoto

La función de arranque remoto de las alarmas Pandora permite a los propietarios de vehículos encender su automóvil de forma remota, generalmente usando un llavero o una aplicación de teléfono inteligente, lo que agrega comodidad y la capacidad de preacondicionar la temperatura interior del vehículo.

Smart Phone

La integración móvil de las alarmas Pandora permite a los usuarios controlar y monitorear el sistema de alarma de su automóvil de forma remota a través de una aplicación de teléfono inteligente, ofreciendo funciones como seguimiento de ubicación, actualizaciones del estado de la alarma y control remoto de varias funciones del vehículo.

Anti Robo

Las funciones antirobo de las alarmas Pandora incluyen medidas de seguridad diseñadas para prevenir o responder al robo de automóviles, como bloqueo automático del motor, alarmas silenciosas y seguimiento de ubicación para disuadir a los ladrones y ayudar en la recuperación del vehículo.

Seguimiento GPS

La función de seguimiento GPS de las alarmas Pandora permite monitorear la ubicación del vehículo en tiempo real, proporcionando información de seguimiento precisa que puede ser crucial para la recuperación en caso de robo.

Protección interior contra infracciones

La protección interior implica sensores dentro del vehículo que detectan entradas o movimientos no autorizados, activando una alarma para evitar robos o manipulaciones en el interior del vehículo.

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Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart


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