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WearablesPandora Watch 2

Bluetooth 5.0 support for smartphone connection and direct control of Pandora alarm systems
Pandora Watch 2
The Pandora Watch 2 can control your car by a direct Bluetooth 5.0 channel (arming/disarming, engine start/stop, using the watch as a tag), receive full event history from the car and receive alarm events. Moreover, the Pandora Watch 2 can also synchronize with a smartphone and provide the functionality of a normal smart watch. However, first of all, this product is a car smart watch. We have designed special interfaces to display a car state and control it.

The most remarkable thing about this watch is that it is fully designed and completely produced by ourselves. At our production facilities, we make molding of plastic elements, milling of titanium parts, we produce sealing components and assemble PCBs of the highest level of integration.
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WearablesPandora Band

Authorization bracelet with remote control function
Pandora Band
Checking the status of your vehicle or locking/unlocking directly on the wrist? It is no problem with the Pandora Band. The practical bracelet Pandora Band is an attractive alternative to the authorization tag, which also offers an overview of the system status and its messages on the clear OLED display. In addition to safety features, the Pandora Band also includes a practical pedometer.

Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

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