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    Ultimate Vehicle Security With an uncrackable PIN, stop thieves from stealing your car today. Pandora Alarm Installers
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

    Pandora AlarmsPandora Elite V2

    GSM / GPS car alarm with online mobile app and LCD controller
    Elite V2
    Using technologies that have so far been known only from state-of-the-art smartphones, the Pandora ELITE can sit on the imaginary throne of the “car alarm king” with complete mastery. Data connection using 4G LTE in combination with a dual GSM antenna guarantees connection in all circumstances, even in places with very poor coverage. BLUETOOTH 5.0 for even more stable communication with mobile phones and wireless accessories up to 4 times longer distance. A complete novelty is also the redesigned design of the remote control with LoRa technology to achieve maximum range and the possibility of using the remote control itself to authorize the driver.

    Of course, there is also the possibility of connecting to up to 3 data buses CAN BUS, remote start function or independent heating control.

    To achieve the highest level of security, the Pandora ELITE is also equipped with a wireless siren with a backup power supply.
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

    Pandora AlarmsPandora Pro V3

    GSM / GPS car alarm with online mobile app and LCD controller
    Professional V2
    Pandora PROFESSIONAL V2. Put the security of your vehicle in the hands of a professional and make no worries about its safety forever. The new second generation Pandora Professional combines the most advanced protection against all known methods of theft, uncompromising reliability and an intuitive user interface that keeps your comfort with keyless use. In addition, as the first security device on the market, the Professional offers full support for Remote Update Ready updates, thanks to which you no longer have to visit your installer to get the latest firmware.

    Simply the professional protection with maximum user comfort…The Professional system uses all available interfaces such as Bluetooth 5.0, LoRa, 4G LTE or GPRS for communication that create an insurmountable barrier against any theft. You are always in control of all the functions of your system thanks to free mobile applications, and also through an integrated radio antenna and controller with an OLED display and unique LoRa signal modulation for greater range.
    Advanced Security for Motorcycles | SecureStart
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

    Pandora AlarmsPandora Moto EVO

    GSM motorcycle alarm with online mobile app
    Moto EVO
    Pandora MOTO EVO is the leader in the motorcycle alarm market, providing complete control of the system using a mobile application (Android and iOS). The system enables communication through the most modern interfaces (GSM-4G LTE, GPRS and Bluetooth 5.0) to achieve constant control over the motorcycle.

    It is the latest telemetric security system for motorcycles, which combines functions proven over the years with the latest technologies. The result is the achievement of the maximum level of motorcycle security with minimal demands on the consumed energy.
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

    Pandora AlarmsPandora Camper

    GSM camper alarm with online mobile app and OLED display
    CamperPro V3
    The Pandora CAMPER PRO is a premium security system developed for big caravans and motorhomes. Thanks to the connection to the vehicle’s data bus and up to five wireless sensors, it provides perfect security not only for the driver, but also for the living space itself. The system has a special mode of protection against intrusion by an unauthorized person (“STAY HOME”) mode during the stay of the crew inside the vehicle. In this mode, the system does not respond to alarms caused by the movement of persons in the locked motorhome, but the opening of doors or windows would immediately trigger acoustic alarm. The sophisticated algorithm of wireless magnetic sensors enables complete protection even in the case of ventilation. This feature is currently not available by any competing system. Thanks to the 4G interface and ceramic antenna, the remote control with OLED display offers complete control over the vehicle, even in areas with poor GSM coverage.

    Of course, there is also an option to control independent heating or the remote start function, which brings comfort and readiness for operation in all weather conditions. The built-in backup battery ensures full operation even when the vehicle battery is disconnected and the systems gives an instant notification of the power loss.
    Protect Your boat by SecureStart
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

    Pandora AlarmsPandora Marine

    Pandora Marine is a leading anti-theft security system for boats
    Pandora Marine is a leading anti-theft security system for boats. It includes the latest technologies: GPS Anchor for full protection and immediate notification in case of a boat being towed away while at anchor. Dual mode Protection: allows you to configure the protection zones depending on the status of the boat, high-speed 4G GSM modem, accurate GNSS satellite receiver with assisted GPS, new generation Bluetooth 5.0 interface, as well as anti-jammer and anti-hijack modes for maximum protection against hijack and interference.

    Advanced FeaturesPandora Alarms

    Relay attack Protection

    Relay attacks on vehicles involve thieves using electronic devices to intercept and relay signals from keyless entry fobs to unlock and start cars without the physical key.

    Key Theft Protection

    Vehicle key theft involves stealing or duplicating a car's keys to unlawfully access and steal the vehicle.

    Key Cloning Protection

    Key cloning on vehicles is the unauthorized duplication of a car's key signal, often using sophisticated devices, to gain access to and potentially steal the vehicle without the original key.

    Motion / Shock Detection

    Motion/shock protection is a feature in advanced car alarm systems that detects and responds to any unauthorized movement or impact to the vehicle, triggering an alert or alarm to deter theft or vandalism.

    Interior Breach Protection

    Interior protection involves sensors inside the vehicle that detect unauthorized entry or movement, triggering an alarm to prevent theft or tampering with the vehicle's interior.

    Remote Start

    The remote start feature of Pandora alarms allows vehicle owners to start their car remotely, typically using a key fob or smartphone app, adding convenience and the ability to precondition the vehicle's interior temperature.

    Smart Phone

    Pandora alarms' mobile integration allows users to control and monitor their car alarm system remotely through a smartphone app, offering features like location tracking, alarm status updates, and remote control of various vehicle functions.

    Anti Hi-Jack

    Pandora alarms' anti-hijack features include security measures designed to prevent or respond to car hijacking, such as automatic engine blocking, silent alarms, and location tracking to deter thieves and aid in vehicle recovery.

    GPS Tracking

    Pandora alarms' GPS tracking feature enables real-time location monitoring of the vehicle, providing precise tracking information that can be crucial for recovery in case of theft.
    Ultimate Vehicle Security
    Pandora Alarms represent the pinnacle of vehicle security technology, offering unparalleled protection capabilities unmatched by any other device in the industry.
    Jason Wilson

    Vehicle theft in Spain increased by 8% in the third quarter of 2023

    How Vehicles Are Stolen? - Protect Your Vehicle in 2024

    Relay Attacks

    Fastest way to steal your vehicle
    Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

    Key Theft

    Force of entry into your home
    Keyless car theft, also known as "relay theft," is a modern method of stealing cars without needing the physical key. Thieves use electronic devices to capture the signal from a keyless entry car's fob, often from outside the victim's home, and then transfer that signal to another device near the car. This tricks the car into thinking the key is nearby, allowing the thieves to unlock and start the vehicle. This technique can be executed quickly and silently, making it a growing concern for owners of keyless entry vehicles.

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    Ultimate Vehicle Security With an uncrackable PIN, stop thieves from stealing your car today. Pandora Alarm Installers

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