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Moto Evo Features
The perfect security-telemetric system for motorcycles and quads with a high-speed 4G GSM modem, precise GPS/GLONASS receiver, Bluetooth 5.0 and Li-Po back-up battery gathered in a compact case. Moto Evo has an optimized control and management algorithms for the rider’s convenience and reliable protection. The modern Pandora Connect mobile application with 3D user-friendly interface provides current status information, event history, route tracking and GPS location. System consumes only a few milliamperes in the full-operation mode, allowing a motorcycle to stand for long time without the system draining the battery.
Mobile application and internet service

A convenient mobile application Pandora Connect with a modern 3D visualization of the security zones and actual state of the motorcycle is available both for iOS & Android smartphones and tablets. Special internet service allows to configure and control the system from any PC with internet access.

Vehicle positioning

Detailed route tracking (including mileage, travel time, average and maximum speed) and constant monitoring of the motorcycle’s location are available in the mobile app and internet-service due to precise and fast in-built GPS/Glonass receiver.

GSM interface

The high-speed 4G (LTE) internet connection provides control over the system and instant alarm and service notification at the cellular network coverage area. Set the desired type of notification (voice call, SMS, push message) for different events.

Bluetooth 5.0 interface

The most modern and reliably secure communication protocol for an immediate data transfer between base unit, wireless accessories and a smartphone. Increase the security and comfort level of the system by adding different additional devices (radio relays, remotes, control units, wireless sirens, sensors).

3D accelerometer

Built-in adjustable impact/tilt/motion sensors detect all impacts on the motorcycle and immediately block the engine when trying to move without permission.

Digital protection

Modern dynamic dialogue AES encryption with 128-bit keys guarantees impossibility of electronic hack and theft.

Energy efficiency

Innovative electronic components and special power saving algorithms allow to reduce system power consumption to a record low level.

Back-up LI-PO battery

Emergency power keeps system working and deliver alarm notifications while unauthorized disconnection of the main power supply.

Advanced FeaturesPandora Moto Evo

Key Theft Protection

Vehicle key theft involves stealing or duplicating a car's keys to unlawfully access and steal the vehicle.

Key Cloning Protection

Key cloning on vehicles is the unauthorized duplication of a car's key signal, often using sophisticated devices, to gain access to and potentially steal the vehicle without the original key.

Motion / Shock Detection

Motion/shock protection is a feature in advanced car alarm systems that detects and responds to any unauthorized movement or impact to the vehicle, triggering an alert or alarm to deter theft or vandalism.

GPS Tracking

Pandora alarms' GPS tracking feature enables real-time location monitoring of the vehicle, providing precise tracking information that can be crucial for recovery in case of theft.

Bike Status

Display Fuel, Battery, Engine Temperature

Smart Phone

Pandora alarms' mobile integration allows users to control and monitor their car alarm system remotely through a smartphone app, offering features like location tracking, alarm status updates, and remote control of various vehicle functions.

Anti Hi-Jack

Pandora alarms' anti-hijack features include security measures designed to prevent or respond to bike hijacking, such as automatic engine blocking, silent alarms, and location tracking to deter thieves and aid in vehicle recovery.
Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart
Pandora Alarms represent the pinnacle of vehicle security technology, offering unparalleled protection capabilities unmatched by any other device in the industry.
Jason Wilson
Advanced Car Security System | SecureStart

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